Texas Haunts
Abilene-  Fort Phantom Lake -The spirit of a woman walks the north shoreline and
through areas of the lover's lane. It appears that she is searching for something.

Abilene- The Drake Hotel (now the Grace Museum) - This historic building is
haunted by several unidentified spirits.

Alice - Willam Adams Junior High or Middle School - A young teenaged girl is
said to roam the place looking for her love which is said to have killed her.

Andice - Blue Light Cemetery - Babies cries are heard accompanied with the feeling
of being watch and a blue light, has also been spotted.

Arlington-Six Flags Over Texas - In the Texas section next to the entrance of the
"Texas Giant" is a yellow candy store. It is the oldest building in the park. It was said
that in the early 1900's a young girl  (8 or so) drowned in Johnsons Creek. She
supposedly can be seen walking the railroad tracks or in her room in the yellow house
turning the light on and off or opening the curtain and then closing it. Security guards
at night also have problems locking the upstairs door because "ANNIE" feels playful.

Arlington-  River Legacy Park - There is a park in Arlington, Texas called River
Legacy Park which definitely lives up to its name. One night after a high school football
game a carload of kids were driving fast on a country road just outside of the park.
Coming to a narrow bridge over the Trinity River they met their fate when they did not
see another car coming hitting it head on. Both cars erupted into flames and
plummeted into the river below. All involved were killed and since then the road has
been closed and can only be walked to through the park. Legend has it that if you find
the bridge you will see the dates of the occurrence and the names of the deceased
glowing as tombstones in the water and if after that you still dare you can sit
in the middle of the bridge on the night that it happened and at midnight you will
witness a heavy fog coming up from the river as you see headlights approaching from
either side of the bridge.
The Hobo:  Near the park are some railroad tracks that run through an area called
Mosier Valley so the park is a good getting off place for the train hoppers since the
train has to slow down here.  One night an old hobo was staying in the park and was
awoken by the sounds of screams. Wondering to the edge of the woods from where he
had been sleeping he saw a car parked and what appeared to be a man and a woman
fighting. Walking closer he saw the man hitting the woman and the woman knocked
unconscious. Opening the door he grabbed the man but in the struggle that ensued
was shot. The next day the woman was found
wondering through the park delirious and half naked but the hobo laid dead next to
where the car had been. However, lovers parked late at night still catch a glimpse of
the old hobo. Legend has it that late at night if you are still in the park after closing you
will hear a tap on your window and there will be an old man standing there in rags.
Hells Gate: It is a long trail with swamps on either side and shaded over by large
trees. At the end of the trail is a large mound of dirt and two fence posts that were
once a gate. As it is said this was the trail walked by captured spies of the union army
on there way to be hung. This gate was the last thing they saw before being led to the
tree that stands beyond the gate where they died. Walking the trail one can still hear
the sobs and whispered prayers of the men and some women who walked there last
steps here.

Austin - Driskill Hotel - the top floor is said to be haunted by a playful ghost.

Austin - Richard Moya Park - There is an old bridge by the park that people say is
haunted by ghosts.  The bridge is closed because it is very old, but people still risk it
for the chance of seeing these ghosts.

Austin-Metz Elementary- Said to be haunted by the students. Construction workers
on site heard the kids laughing from the walls. Mysterious events would happen to the
crew who were working. Some had minor injuries.

Austin-Old Stone Ridge Rd- If you drive down this street at night with your lights off
en route to the old children's cemetery, strange things happen.  Once, the locks on
the doors of our car went up and down.  And they weren't automatic locks.  
Supposedly, the Donkey Lady is responsible for the hauntings.  Killed and badly
mangled in an auto wreck when some friends of hers were driving down the road one
night with no lights on, she haunts the woods around the area and protects the souls
of the small children buried in the cemetery.

Austin -Austin State School- There are several buildings that have had sightings
and sounds by staff members.  This old place was built over a cemetery.  The
cemetery is that of the patients that expired in the early part of this century.  But
recently to show proof that this never took place a coffin popped out of the ground
right next to one of the condemned buildings.

Austin- Logan's on 6th street - People that died when the building was a coffee
plantation refinery and now glasses swing by themselves, doors swing open and a
loud cackling can be heard on the second floor in the middle of the night.

Anson -  Anson Lights - The story was covered by the television series Unsolved
Mysteries about a year ago. Many residents from Anson and the near town of Abilene
have gone to witness these phenomenal lights.  My own father and sister witnessed
these lights.  The cemetery is located going towards the country.  The lights are
viewed by driving down the dirt farm road equivalent of about a half mile or more.   As
you drive closer to the cemetery towards the lights they disappear.  As for the actual
story for this occurrence, is unsolved.  Local myth says that this light is the ghost of a
mother carrying a lantern looking for her missing child.  The child had left the house
on cold winter day and was lost and froze to death.  The mother's spirit still searches
for her child.

Baylor - Pressor Hall at the University of Mary Hardin  - The ghost of a girl who
was killed by her boyfriend haunts this University.  The top floor has been converted to
storage due to unexplainable events like hearing a piano, elevator doors closing and
opening, and the sound of footsteps. A campus police officer only locks the building
from the outside because of the phenomena he witnessed here.

Beaumont  - Saratoga Road - People have witnessed a ghostly light that appears
and  hovers, then zooms past and even has sat on the hoods of cars. This story is so
amazing because so many people have witnessed it and it can be viewed with almost a
100% probability of appearance.

Big Spring - Big Spring High School - A ghost named Harold reportedly haunts the
auditorium.  It is said that he fell from the catwalk while hanging up the lights.  There is
even a strange footprint on the ceiling.  When people paint over the footprint, it
reappears.  Witnesses  have also claimed to see him walking around backstage with a

Boerne - In the public library there is a ghost, many feel it when inside, if you drive by
late at night you can see lights in the building going on and off.

Brownsville - University of Texas - Was known as Ft. Brown during and after the Civil
War.  It was occupied by both Union and Confederate troops.  It's haunted by soldiers,
horses, cavalry officers, etc. The buildings that house the University are historical
monuments.  Sightings and sounds have been experienced in almost every building on
campus. The old morgue building is used as a storage building and a three room
accounting office. There are strange noises in the building which can not be identified.
Also, electrical devices in the building will suddenly stop working or break for awhile.
Later they will start working again. Plugs will also pull out of sockets by themselves and
stored items will move themselves. These are supposed to be caused by the ghosts of
soldiers whose bodies were stored here.

Brownsville - University of Texas - Used to be Fort Brown and soldiers march and do
their drills at night.

Brownwood - At Keys Crossing by the River at night stands three ghosts on the edge
of the bank on their knees throwing roses. Probably because they lost a family
member, and everybody that goes down there at night has to drive real slow or they
will flip exactly 3 times at die or get severely injured and people say it is cursed by the
Indians. When you just go down the road you see shadowy figures staring at you.

China Springs - Patrick Cemetery - There is a little graveyard just outside of Waco
in China Springs.  I have been out there a few times and get a really creepy feeling.  
Cold chills are common, pictures get interesting, and the animals act weird.  And rumor
has it that if you knock on a certain headstone at midnight, an apparition appears and
runs at you screaming extremely loud.  Also headstones tend to move around

Cleburne - Wright Place, many experts have claimed it to be haunted. The first floor
is still a small restaurant, and the second floor is rarely used.  People have seen the
figure of a young woman near a window and have claimed to smell oranges when it is
not being used as a haunted house. Legend says that she was pushed out of a
window and killed by an angry boyfriend.

Corpus Christi-The USS Lexington - It has been said that in the boiler room of the
ship there is a spirit of a young man in a sailor outfit who will tell you where things are

Corsicana-Navarro County Courthouse - Stairs and District Clerk's Office late night
users of the law library or persons in the Courthouse have heard footsteps
descending from the third and second floors. Rumored to be the ghost of the old
District Clerk who was shot by the County Sheriff after a political dispute on the Court
House steps.

Crosby - The Town of Crosby - This neighborhood has been written about in the
novel, "The Black Hope Horror".  The neighborhood was constructed over an old slave
cemetary and many of the residents were terrorized by the angry spirits that dwelled
below. No one had a clue as to what was causing it until a couple, while digging a
swimming pool, unearthed the remains of a couple who had been buried in their
backyard. It is a story that is very similar to the movie "Poltergeist", but it is
frighteningly real. Most of the activity is centered at the east end of Poppets Way and
the side street that connects at the east end. According to the book, people would rent
a house on the street and abruptly leave within a month...and this was a very regular

Dallas - The Lady of the Lake - or White Lady has been seen here and on the road
by the lake - dressed in a 1920's evening gown and soaking wet - she asks drivers for
a ride to a house on Gaston  Ave where she disappears leaving nothing but a wet
stain on the seat.  The story is that she was the daughter of a wealthy family in the
1920's.  She was on her way home from a ball when her car wrecked in the lake - she
drowned, but the others lived.

Dallas - Snuffers Restaurant (Greenville)- numerous people have seen this
unidentified ghost.

Dallas- Millermore Mansion at Old City Park Museum - This 1860's mansion was
the home of the same Dallas family for over 100 years before becoming part of the
museum. Consistent stories are told of a ghostly female presence in the second floor
area around the former nursery. Visitors, docents, and staff have all felt the presence
over the last 25 years.

Dallas-LBJ House - Supposedly there is supposed to be blood on the walls and some
areas of the house where the wife and children were sacrificed and there is a really
cold feeling if you stand in a certain place, but I've never talked to anyone who has
seen that personally. Also the property has been abandoned for several decades and
no one will buy the lot.

Dallas- Flag Pole Hill Ghost - Near Flag Pole Hill on Northwest highway.  There is a
narrow horse-shoe shaped road with lots of trees; a few obscured houses in between.  
Once you start down this narrow road, you must continue. No place to turn around.  
There are devil worshippers here.  Mysterious events such as rocks flying from
impossible angles towards cars; sudden unforeseen vehicular body damage, etc, have
occurred.  The local police department will verify this as far back as 1976. Do not drive
down at night.

Dallas - In the suburb of Oak Cliff. This is about a little girl in a bike that haunts a
street called Combs Creek by the railroad tracks. The story is that a little girl was riding
her bike on the railroad and supposedly she got stuck and got run over by the train
and now she haunts this little deserted street by the railroads.

Dallas- Millermore - A two story Greek revival home completed in 1861, is currently
the center piece of Old City Park Museum. Over the last 30 years there have been
continual stories of a haunting in the house. Many unrelated individuals (museum
guests, volunteers, and staff) have sensed the presence of a female spirit in the
house. The activity seems to center around the former nursery and master bedroom
on the second floor.

DeKalb-Cry Baby Creek - Supposedly on a clear night you can drive to a bridge
outside this small town and hear the screams of an infant.  The story states that a
mother and her baby had a horrible accident there and the infant drown in near
freezing waters.  This child's ghost still haunts there.

Denton-  Argyle Bridge - At this Bridge, which was built in 1884, there have been
several accounts of paranormal activity. People have seen lanterns moving 6 feet off
the ground with no one there to carry them, they have seen outlines of people,
strange noises, car doors(that were not power locks) locking and unlocking by

Duncanville-Duncanville 9th grade school - A teacher was murdered in 1993 after
staying at school after hours and on her way to her car someone killed her and she
haunts the girl’s locker room. Many have seen her after Volleyball games.

El Paso - La Hacienda Restaraunt - This restaraunt is on the riverbanks of the Rio
Grande which separates El Paso, Texas from Juarez, Mexico. It is said that on certain
nights the apparition of a woman can be seen walking near the restaraunt weeping
loudly and asking for her children who have drowned in the river.

El Paso - Loretto Academy - At night the bell tower is illuminated. The bells do not
ring anymore and haven’t for years. Yet at night you can see the movement in the bell
tower. Some say it is a colony of bats, or birds. But this shadow wears the same habit
as the rest of the nuns teaching at Loretto. What this shadow represents is the spirit or
energy of a much beloved sister who taught at this academy for many years and died
of an illness which kept her from continuing her duties at Loretto Academy. Her
existence is well documented by the Concordia Cemetery Association, as well as her
personal information and final resting place.

El Paso - El Paso High School - At this high school, there is a hall that leads to a
balcony that is closed off.  Every single day, mist and fog roam the hall and there
seems to be some "gooey-stuff" on the ceiling.  It is said to be that near 35 years ago,
a teen killed herself by slitting her wrists in the hall, then, waling towards the balcony,
eventually, jumping off.  A wall that was built in front of it closes off the whole stairway
and hallway that leads near there.  Nobody can even tell now that there was even a
hallway there, but people do wonder how to get to that hall.

El Paso - Concordia Cemetery - There is a section of the cemetery were score of
children were buried after they died during a small pox epidemic. You can hear the
hoof beats of Calvary soldiers, and just general conversation, but never really
understanding the words just recognizing the human voices.

El Paso - Transmountain Road - There have been many reports of a monk and his
donkey walking this road, which runs through the Franklin Mountains of El Paso,
causing many car accidents. It is said he is protecting a lost goldmine where Spanish
missionaries had a large fortune.  The University of Texas at El Paso confirms that this
goldmine did in fact exist...but it's archaeological department has had no luck in finding

El Paso - The area around El Paso is supposedly home to "El Muerto," meaning "the
dead one" or "the dead man."  This is a common Mexican tale of a beheaded man who
rides his horse through the desert with his head either carried in his lap, or hung on a
rawhide thong from the saddle.  "El Muerto" can also be found basically anywhere in
West Texas/South-East New Mexico/Northern Chihuahua Mexico.

El Paso-Crockett Elementary - The building is aged back to the 1920's and
supposedly served as a hospital to war veterans.  It's said that on the second floor that
a child not knowing the history the building had witnessed a man walking down the hall
with a bloody gauze on his head and amputated arm.

El Paso - Fire Station #1 - It is said that a firefighter died in a fire at this fire station.  
He has now come back to haunt the place.  Whenever there is a fire to go to at night,
the ghost will turn the lights on and off and flush toilets to wake up the firefighters
before the alarm.  He has even been known to do this before the station gets a call
about a fire.

El Paso-University of Texas - Ghosts and strange noises are reported to haunt both
Semon Hall and Cotton Memorial, many people have heard footsteps and echoes and
screams late at night.

El Paso- El Paso Museum of Art - It was located on Montana Street, but now they
moved it to the Downtown area of El Paso.  Old woman was sited on various times
looking at you from a window on the top floors.  Lights would flicker on and off.  Doors
would open and shut.  Moaning sounds were heard coming from the basement.

Fabens - Cattleman's Steakhouse - An apparition of a man can be seen from the
corner of your eye at night. Mainly this man haunts the area around the bar, as well as
the Buffalo room and the Greenhouse room.

Fabens - There is a ghostly man in white can be seen on Alemeda road. This is
between the city of Clint and Fabens. It appears he is running towards cars.

Farmers Branch-Farmers Branch Manske Library - Haunted by a ghost that is
believed to be either that of a construction worker who was killed during the renovation
of the library in the 80s or it is an Indian from the Indian burial ground it is rumored to
be built on.  The most recent sighting was last year when a young man (who did not
know the library was supposed to be haunted) reported seeing the figure of a man with
red eyes pass into a wall.

Fort Bliss - Building 4 - Many current and former members of the U.S. Army and
Department of the Army civilian employees confirm stories of strange activities in one
of the oldest remaining buildings on the Military  Installation. One tale tells of an old
Army Cavalry soldier seen in the upstairs window  of the building on several occasions.
Others tell of similar situations in which  men and women are seen roaming the halls of
the now unoccupied building. Building 4 was  once used as a secondary morgue to
hold the  bodies of slain soldiers.

Fort Bliss- MacGregor Range Asa P. Grey Recreation Center, "Tumbleweed
 Old stage is haunted with a feeling of desertion, clicking and unexplainable
noises in the night. Many soldiers and visitors have died on the shooting ranges and
adjacent trails.  Come visit the tavern any evening, bring cameras.

Fort Bliss in El Paso - Building #13-Also on Pershing, built in 1893 for soldiers of the
18th Infantry. A Calvary soldier was forced to retire because of his age-he may have
been a doctor. This depressed man apparently hanged himself in the rafters of
building 13. Also in building 13, the swinging doors in the courtroom have a habit of
swinging by themselves at times. A cavalry soldier has been seen walking through the
halls as well.

Fort Ricardson -  Said to be haunted by several spirits. Lights have been seen in the
old hospital late at night.

Ft. Worth-Del Frisco's Steakhouse - The downstairs banquet room/wine cellar is
haunted. In the 1800's, this area of Ft. Worth was known as "Hell's Half Acre" because
of its numerous saloons, brothels and gambling halls. The building that now is home to
Del Frisco's Steakhouse was a bathhouse. A man was bathing when he was shot in
the back of his head. The spirit roams from the banquet room to the upstairs bar and
back again.

Fort Worth- Barbers Bookstore On 8th St. - Ghostly footsteps. Sounds of pages
being turned, strange shadows on staircase and an apparition are also reported.
Building is now an  antique store.

Fort Worth- Peters Bros. Hats 909 Houston St. - The ghost of Tom Peters moves
hats around. When they acquired the space of the former pizzeria, they may have
acquired the ghost of the dishwasher, Jack Martin. Jack would baptize new employees
with a good spray from the dishwasher.

Fort Worth Stockyards - Miss Molly's Bed and Breakfast Hotel...Located in down
town. This former bordello has had a few apparitions spotted within its walls.

Fort Worth- Castleberry High School - Students say that the building was built on
an old Indian burial ground.  According to the rumor, if you go up the flight of steps
that leads to the roof, you will hear voices that do not belong to anyone living.

Fort Worth - Scott Theatre - A janitor apparently hanged himself from a pipe in the
basement of this theater.  His ghost seems to spend most of time in the strange
corridor filled basement where he died.   A wardrobe woman was so frightened one
night by cackling coming from the stage, that she left and never returned.

Galveston - UTMB campus - The side of one of the buildings on the UTMB campus,
"Big Red" has been rumoured to be haunted for years.  People have made claims
regarding seeing a face on the side of this building, which was on the Island before the
1900 storm, that it is considered local tradition, and the story is found on the back of

Galveston - Luigies Italian Food - Workers have seen figures of the lady and hear
her whimpers as she walks down the stairs.

Galveston - Ashton Villa -This is an old house that survived the 1900 storm, "visited"
by the last person to live in it, Betty Brown.  It is said that it's one of the most haunted
houses in America.

Harlingen-Harlingen Insane Asylum - Towards Brownsville. This place was used a
while ago but is now disserted. Supposedly, if you go there at night you can hear
people screaming and people walking around at night. Many people had died there so
maybe its there ghosts walking around.

Hillsboro - Old Junior High Building on Walnut Street - When this school was a
college in the early 1900's, students often got into fist fights with each other in the
cafeteria.  One day, a fight got out of hand when a student through a tray at another
student's head and cracked it open.  The student died before the paramedics arrived.  
People have reported seeing him roaming the halls of the now deserted building.

Houston - Ale House Pub and Eatery - There have been numerous sightings and
mischief here. beer mug's go sailing across the room, food plates being flipped up for
no apparent reason. Customer's getting hit with thing's, one so bad that he files a
lawsuit against the pub stating they were responsible for his injuries (of course it was
thrown out).

Houston -  La Carafe - La Carafe is located in a pre-Civil War building on Houston's
historical Market Square.  The second floor seems to be the seat of the haunting.  
Employees have reported hearing footsteps and the sound of heavy objects being
dragged across the unoccupied second floor.  The figure of a large black man has
also been seen standing in the second floor window after closing time.

Houston-Old Woman Hollerin' Creek - Located off of Interstate 10 between San
Antonio and Houston, this forest-surrounded creek is said to be haunted by the spirit
of a woman who drowned her two children in the creek, and now walks along the bank
searching for them. Many have claimed to hear and see her, and it is said that if you
get too close to the creek, her hand will reach out and pull you in.

Houston - The old Downtown Libary Building - is said to have a ghost that plays a
violin in the dead of night. Some say its the sprit of one of the old maintance man that
worked there in the 20's & 30's.

Houston - The Wunche Bros Cafe - In Spring, TX.  Spring is really a portion of
Houston on its north side.  The building has served many purposes including rail
station, brothel and restaurant. Many have seen an apparition of "Old Man Wunche"
on the upstairs balcony.  Several waitresses claimed to have seen him.

Houston - Hogg Middle School - In the mid 30's or 40's a famous gangster of the
Heights Area was dug up and hung up on the flag pole as a practical joke. Janitors
and Late Night Libarians have said to seen and heard his shadows and footsteps.

Houston - The Spaghetti Warehouse Downtown is haunted in the cellar or
basement and waitresses are scared to death to go do to store things alone.

Hutto-Jakes Bridge - Its off a county road near a commentary where supposedly a
man killed his wife and kid then hung himself off the bridge.  Well the bridge is what is
haunted, if you park your car into neutral he will push your car across the bridge which
is totally flat.

Jacksonville-Killough Monument - This is the location of an old Indian Massacre.  
It now is a cemetery for the Indians and the Killough family that perished. If you go on a
full moon, you will see an Indian in full headdress on a white horse.  He will just look at
you and ride away. This place is so scary that the Sheriff's Dept. will not go out there
under any circumstances.

Jefferson -  Hotel Jefferson -  is occupied by 7 ghosts.  A maid has claimed to hear
voices coming out of room 19 when not occupied.  Some occupants had been known
not to stay in room 19 due to the feeling of being watched.

Jefferson - The Excelsior House - The Excelsior House is an old hotel haunted by
a headless man on the second floor, and a woman in black who has a baby. The
woman has appeared and frightened many guests, including the famous film director
Stephan Spielberg. They are possibly the spirits of guests or former employees.

Kilgore - Kilgore College - Several years ago, a girl committed suicide on the eighth
floor of  Stark Hall, which was the girls' dorm at that time.  The college closed that floor
for several years after the fact because people complained about strange noises,
footprints on their bed, extremely cold spots, and the feeling of being watched.  The
floor has been reopened ever since the dorm was remodeled.  The residents of the
eighth floor still complain however of
strange happenings, such as knocking and
scratching on the walls along with cold spots.

Kilgore - Pirtle Cemetery - A boy died in the cemetery and he was afraid of the dark
so his mother sat at his grave every night for a year holding a lantern. Then she died
and every night the light would still appear. From time to time the lantern still appears
in the far corner of the cemetery.

Kingsville-Texas A&M University - Apparitions have been seen by numerous
people. Cold spots and feelings of being watched in Lewis and Turner Dormitory Hall.  
Said to be haunted by male student who committed suicide (Turner Hall) and a female
student who did the same in Lewis Hall.

Kingsville - Jones Auditorium - The was a worker who fell out of the rafters during
construction and passed away.   He now haunts the theater.   There have been
reports of lights turning on and off, doors locking, and costumes falling off the racks.

LaGrange - Old LaGrange High School - Rosa Mieneke, a teacher haunts the
second floor of the school.  Books fly across the room, papers tear themselves in half,
footsteps can be heard by teachers at night on the stairs, a woman's voice can be
heard in the dead of the night.

Laredo - Nixon High  School - During the 1970’s, a girl on the school dance team
was killed by her jealous boyfriend.  She was supposedly decapitated.  Witnesses
have claimed to see her spirit roaming about the school with no head. It is said that if
you are by the school gym at night, you can hear the spurs on her boots chiming in
the dark.

Laredo - H.E.B. Guadalupe - An apparition of a man is to be seen at night dragging
himself from section to section trying to get out of the store.

Lockhart-Lockhart County Court and Jail House - Closed in the early 70s, it was
made into a museum that is opened on the weekends. The top three levels are what
was once the old jail. The jail section is filled with so much pain and sadness and
death, it's hard to breathe! The whole place gives off bad vibes. You can sense that a
lot of people died up there, and there was a lot of suffering. It’s sad and creepy at the
same time.

Lubbock-Broadway Ave - There is a sort of strip shopping center that has a couple
of bars and a few stores.  The building was a hotel at the turn of the century, and
there are several restless spirits.

Lubbock - Horn/Knapp Hall at Texas Tech - There is a storage room that many
people do not know about on the fourth floor.  A little boy died up there and you can
now hear him throwing a ball down the stairs.  Sometimes he will knock on the door if
you knock first.

Luling - The Banks of San Marcos River - An invisible "thing" haunts the marsh
and surrounding woods in this vicinity.  Hunters and fisherman have had numerous
terrifying encounters with this entity.  It is not visible to the human eye, but makes its
presence known by weird sounds and the disturbance or "pressing down" of nearby
foliage.  Ghost?  No one really knows what this frightening creature is that haunts the
desolate swamp and nearby woods on the San Marcos.

Maxdale-Maxdale Cemetery - It is believed that this very old cemetery is haunted by
an old man with a limp, some say he was the caretaker of the cemetery. There is also
a small old iron bridge you have to cross to get to the cemetery which is also believed
to be haunted if you go at night to visit the cemetery and you stop on the bridge turn
off your headlights and count to ten then turn them back on there will be a man
hanging from a noose. Who is believed to have hung himself when he could not save
the life of his girlfriend who had drowned in the river under the bridge.

Mesquite- Eastfield College - Built in the early '70's on the site of the old Motley
Mansion. The Motleys donated the land for the school after the house was burned
down by vandals. The family cemetery is still there and includes a grave for an
severed arm! Anyway, the theater of the school is said to be haunted by a man who
watches practices of plays, etc. He has been reported several times in the past twenty
years or so.

Mineral Wells -The Baker Hotel - This historic hotel is haunted by several ghosts.
One is rumored to be the mistress of Mr. Baker named Virginia, who built the hotel. It is
now deserted.

Mission - LaLomita Mission - This mission has just recently been open to the
public.  In the mission’s heyday, priests were rumored to be having intercourse with the
nuns and burying the children’s bodies on the grounds.  One night some illegal
emigrants, who were aware of what was going on, went in and killed  two of the
priests.  The  third priest went to get help, but died while searching.  The robes and
bones of the priests were on display up until a couple of years ago.  Thereafter, it
became an asylum for the mentally challenged.  Many of the people working there
reported seeing figures in robes walking around the grounds at night.  The asylum
shut down completely recently, but the grounds are still open to tourists during the
day.  You may not be able to go inside the old mission, but it is still worth going the trip.

Nacogdoches-Turner Fine Arts Auditorium - "Chester" haunts the theater building
on the Stephen F. Austin University campus. Reputed to be the ghost of the architect
who died before the building's completion--some think the blueprints were
misinterpreted and the building was erected backwards. Other people believe that
"Chester" is the ghost of a former drama student. He has been seen as a face on a
stage curtain and even once appeared onstage as an extra ghost in a play in the
1960's. Students have reported cold spots and strange noises in the halls of the

Nacogdoches-Steven F. Austin State University - It has been said that in the
construction of the theater a worker died and has been haunting the place since. A
professor has been killed there by the spirit.

New Braunfels-The Hotel Faust - Newspaper articles about the hotel ghost, noted
for drifting in the hallways of an upper floor, entering closed doors, turning water and
lights on and off,etc.

Palestine-Palestine Courthouse - There is a legend of when a baby fell out of it's
mothers hands and died. At night or anytime when you are alone in the courthouse
you can hear a baby crying. Some times you can hear footsteps of a baby.

Plainview - Old Hilton Hotel - The hotel has been closed down for years, but the
place is said to be haunted.  Several rooms still have the curtains hanging in the
windows that have been seen moving even though no one is in the building. There is
also a rumor that the place was broken into by Satanists.  They were said to have
called forth demons, which are now trapped there.  There is even a story about Room
529.  It is said to have an open Bible lying in the floor.  If you enter the room, the air
suddenly turns icy and the pages in the Bible begin to turn.

Port Neches-Sarah Jane Road - Sarah Jane was reportedly a union sympathizer
during the Civil War who was betrayed and drove her wagon off the bridge into the
water trying to escape from Confederate soldiers.  She was shot by a soldier while
trying to save her baby, who was in the wagon with her.  People have reported hearing
Sarah Jane and also the babe cry while standing on the bridge at night.

Princeton - A girl haunts an old water tower probably from the late 1800's or the early
1900's. If you park your car next to the tower you will see a pair of legs hanging from
the top of it. Honk your horn three times and the legs will fade away. A few seconds
later the transparent girl is sitting on the hood of your car and slowly turns her head
and looks at you, she smiles, waves and fades away. The very next day you will see
the exact same girl anywhere, it can even be in your house, she will look at you, smile
and wave, then fade away.

Richmond - The Old Jail House - This old jail house is located on Preston Street
and is currently the local police department.  It used to be a killing place for slaves and
is now said to be haunted. Ghosts have been seen by police working the late night

Roby - Fisher County Jail -There is an inmate here that does not appear to be
human.  The ghost has made himself known to inmates through various forms of
physical contact.  Inmates have reported the spirit touching them, throwing things,
flushing toilets, and just making noise.  He has even been seen by the sheriff.  One
time, the ghost lit a stove for a jailer.  The origin of the spirit is unknown, but it is
believed to perhaps be the ghost or ghosts of a sheriff and deputy that were murdered
by an inmate in 1927.

Roma - Roma's Historical Plaza - In the 1940's, a young girl who was about to
receive her First Communion fell, hit her head on a rock, and died.  Now, legend has it
that she haunts the community's historical plaza.  Citizens of this small town have
claimed to see her walking through this area in her beautiful, white dress.  At other
times, they have complained of hearing loud noises in the middle of night when no one
else is in sight.

Rome-Deep Creek Cemetery - About a half a mile down the dirt road there is a
place called whispering bridge where some kids fell off on this 30 foot drop and you
can hear the cries of the children.

San Angelo - Angelo State University - The housing office and surrounding
building is haunted by the spirit of a young co-ed who was murdered there in the
1970's by an ROTC cadet.  He apparently was infatuated with her and went into a
murderous rage when she refused his advances.

San Angelo - ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY (ASU) - Ninth floor of the girls high rise
dorm is haunted by a college F/ student who was killed.  She is a very nice ghost.

San Antonio - Providence High School - In the 1950's their was a nun who loved
the school so much that when she passed away her sisters decided that since she
loved the school she should be buried on the school grounds. Years later Providence
decided to build a gym over the spot where the nun was buried forgetting she was
there. Today if you walk in the gym and step in a certain area it is hollow. Also a night
the nun is seen walking the halls by the many Freshman that attend the lock in. Even
after death the nun continues to watch over her beloved.

San Antonio-Midget Mansion - It was said that midgets lived in that house and the
first step to the front door was about 6" feet high. If you manage to get in, you might
never be seen again. Also it is known if you hang around too long you might see them.

San Antonio - Chinese Graveyard - Go down Zazamora after you pass Loop 410
keep going the road will make a slight turn to the right and on the right (it is hard to
see so go slow) there will be a big white cross. Pull in turn the car off along with lights
its better with the windows down. Quickly flash your lights five times and look and listen
for talking and white apparitions around the very small graveyard

San Antonio-Stinson Field Cemetery and the Stinson Field ghost - It is said that
the cemetery next to Stinson Municipal Airport (formerly Stinson Field) is haunted by
blue lights over certain graves at night, which are in fact visible from the road when
you're driving by. One of the old hangars at the Airport itself is also haunted,
presumably by a man who was killed while starting his plane...  though it's a
condemned hangar used for long term storage only. Both of these, interestingly
enough, are on the way to the Ghost Tracks of Shane and Villamin roads.

San Antonio-San Jose and San Jacinto Missions - Sporadic reports of cold spots
in summer, raps, and knocks. Although some of the missions are still active, there
have been reports of low chanting and mumbling from empty rooms.

San Antonio - Shane and Villamain Roads - The spirits of children who were killed
in a bus accident at the intersection push one's car off the tracks.  This has been
documents on film.  Put your car in neutral and the cars will roll up hill and over the

San Antonio - Menger Hotel - Haunted by the spirit of a chambermaid who was
killed there by her husband. Haunted by 38 known ghosts, including Teddy Roosevelt,
a lady in blue, Sallie White who is a murdered chamber maid, Captain Richard King,
and many others. My sister, who is a little psychic, had an experience here. Our family
was sleeping in the new portion of the hotel, and she woke up in the early hours and
saw a misty "cowboy" like-person standing in the room with his back turned to her. He
had a blank stare on his face and just stood for several minutes before leaving. Many
of Teddy Roosevelt's rough riders haunt the bar.

San Antonio - The Menger Hotel - The bar where the cafe is now is haunted by T.
Roosevelt Ruff Riders.  Also people have know to leave in the middle of night after
seeing Mr. King in the King's Ranch Room where he pasted away.

San Antonio - Espada Park - There are railroad tracks here that are said to be
haunted by some kids that were hit by a train while riding in a bus.  When people come
here and park their cars about ten to twelve feet away from the tracks, the ghostly kids
push the car to safety.

San Antonio - The Cadillac Bar - The ghost of an old owner is seen in the storage
basement of the building and there is another ghost named "Beatrice", who was a
former employee. She is a "negative spirit" because she was very unhappy and not
pretty when she was alive. She turns on sinks and throws kitchen utensils. Many
employees have seen both ghosts.

San Antonio - Institute of Texas Culture - There are stories of pipe smoke
(unexplained) being smelled there, footsteps near the audio/visual room, rearranged
books in library, back of 1898 glass hearst being opened and other activity around it.

San Antonio - The Alamo - Cold spots and a feeling of melancholy can be felt
throughout the Fort. 189 Alamo defenders and at least 1200 Mexican soldiers fought
and died here in San Antonio,many without the benefit of a proper burial leaving alot
of lost souls in search of a eternal resting place,thus making San Antonio one of the
most haunted cities in America.

San Antonio - The Cadillac Bar - The ghost of an old owner is seen in the storage
basement of the building and there is another ghost named "Beatrice", who was a
former employee. She is a "negative spirit" because she was very unhappy and not
pretty when she was alive. She turns on sinks and throws kitchen utensils. Many
employees have seen both ghosts.

San Antonio - Commanche Look-out Hill - Sources say they have seen ghost of
the men that were stationed at the fort.  They also have reported that they have seen
Indians there.

San Antonio-River Center Mall - Has been reported to have river ghost along with
fish ghost swimming along the San Antonio River that talk to you.

San Antonio-Alamo Street Theater - There is a ghost by the name Margarite that
haunts the establishment. The theater is in an old church building and she is usually
seen in the choir loft in Victorian garb.

San Antonio - North Star Mall - Shadows that walk by and if you work there you will
here your name whispered.

San Antonio - Old Onion House - Said to be haunted by ghosts of people that used
to live there by the last name of onion.

San Antonio-Plaza Marriott - The Lady has been at this hotel for years.  The hotel
property includes 4 buildings on the Historic Register, and The Lady was believed to
be the widow of the owner of one of these buildings.  She hung herself and her cat in
what is now the exercise facility (was her home, specifically the "front room" or "living
room").  Now she can be seen on the upper levels of the main hotel building usually in
a long white dress or nightdress, and holding her cat, stroking its head.  She has been
seen in the employee corridors in the basement, and standing among the trees in the
garden.  Lights come on and off occasionally with no warning and no reason, and
drawers at the front desk have a tendency of opening by themselves.

San Antonio - St. Anthony Hotel - A 1909 San Antonio Hotel haunted by a Hispanic
employee named Anita, an elderly lady in a women's bathroom, a sad young woman
who is in the roof ballroom, and a ghostly couple who frequently come back to a
certain hotel room to re-live their honeymoon. More ghosts are there, but many are

San Antonio - Crown Plaza St. Anthony - There are known stories of sightings of
strange shadowy outlines and feelings of a presence in the room, and the opening
and closing of doors. Some also say that they here footsteps behind them as if
someone were following them.

San Antonio-Haunted Rail Road Tracks - In the late 50's or 60's, it was said that a
bus loaded with children was headed over the tracks when all of a sudden the bus
stalled and that same moment a train was headed straight for them with out any time to
exit the bus the all perished...Now if you turn your car off and put it in neutral your car
will move by itself.or with the help of the children who perished...up an inclined path
over the tracks to safety on the other side. And if you have a dark colored car if you
put some sort of white power like baby powder or talc you will see the lil hand prints of
the children who push the car to the other side!!

San Antonio-Camberly Gunter Hotel - The Camberly Gunter Hotel is haunted by
the ghost of a prostitute who was murdered there by one of her tricks in the early
1800's.  The room she was murdered in was found covered in blood but no body was
ever found.  A picture of her hangs in the Lobby Bar.  The man who murdered her was
said to have then checked in to the Menger Hotel in San Antonio three blocks away
where he also disappeared without a trace.

San Antonio - Terrel Castle Bed and Breakfast - This bed and breakfast is said to
be haunted by the original lady of the house and some children. The lady has been
sensed in the library, and the children play on the stairs.

San Antonio -Our Lady of the Lake University - This university is said to carry
ageless stories of past inhabitants who still walk the halls and campus grounds.  Some
of the more famous ones include the once janitor who haunts the basement of the
library, the ghosts of the dorms, ghostly nuns, and a famous headless apparition who
walks the halls of what is now the elementary school across the street, but was once a
dorm for the university.

San Antonio-Old Nacogdoches Rd Comanche Park Tower - Many ghosts have
been seen on the grounds of Comanche Park, aka Comanche Look-Out Hill. There
have been sightings of old soldiers who were said to have been stationed there. And
many people have also reported having seen the forms of Indians there.  Another
place that ties in with this area is Old Nacogdoches Road.  Many people, usually
driving down this road during the night hours, have claimed to see Indians, and
soldiers walking along side the road. There is also a creek that intersects the road that
has been said to be the host for many Indian apparition sightings.

Santa Rosa - Long ago a restless spirit haunted this town. She was called "La
Llorona" or weeping woman. She would walk down the streets of one of the villages
called "EL Rincon Del Diablo" or the Den of the Devil. She would weep for her children
that had drowned in a canal not far from the village. The town had to make a huge
exorcism to put the restless spirit to rest. Nothing has happened in the village since
then, but some say if you walk up the canal at midnight you can still hear her wails.

Saratoga - Bragg Road - This is a road near Saratoga where a mysterious light
hovered, sped away from or toward drivers or followed drivers.  Some said it was the
light from a lantern that belonged to the ghost of a railroad man who was accidently
killed on nearby railroad tracks.

Scottsville-Scottsville Cemetery - This cemetery dates from before Texas was a
state.  The haunting is actually on the grounds bordering the west of the cemetery and
church.  There is a covered spring house at the foot of a hill just outside the fenced off
area leading to the cemetery parking lot.  Stairs lead up the hill from the spring house
to the top, where a large, two story house once stood. This house burned in the 50's,
but was reputed to be haunted.  Old-timers told of standing outside in their youth and
listening to voices and furniture being moved in the empty rooms inside. Youths of
today say that if you stand at the top of the stairs, you can hear a woman weeping
several hundred feet away, down at the spring house.

Sealy - Sealy High School - sounds of walking and doors opening and closing on the
second floor, elevator operating by itself.

Spring- The Cat House - Supposedly a girl about 12 was playing in the loft when she
fell. She had died from complications. She is said to walk the loft.

Springtown-Springtown Cemetery - It is said that there is a glowing tombstone
there. It came on the news one night and reported about the glowing tombstone and
the ghost of a woman walking around her grave.

Stanton - Convent is haunted by the Priest who hung himself for being accused of a
crime. Reports of the lights being turned on and off at night. Some even sayings of
babies that cry at night that were supposedly buried under the convent.

Stamford - Buie Park - This deserted park is haunted by the ghost of a insane
woman known as the Hatchet Lady. Another ghost roams the old creek bed, searching
for her drowned daughter.

Sweetwater-Sweetwater High School - Footsteps are heard on stage in the
auditorium while cold spots are felt on the gridiron. Also a playful ghost runs through
the downstairs part of the school. Light footsteps are heard on the steps and he/she is
known to lock the doors to teacher’s rooms.

Texas City - Cinemark Movies 12 - All the employees of this theatre are scared to
death to go into one of the auditoriums alone. Most workers have had some kind of an
encounter with the ghost that haunts this particular auditorium. It makes some people
feel freezing. Others became very hot. One employee said that every time she went in
it, her knees would become very weak...but when she left the room, she was fine.  
Some employees have even seen this spirit.

Tomball-Spring Creek Park - In the Civil War era, a munitions factory existed in what
is now the back portion of the park.  It was destroyed when something touched off an
explosion, which killed approximately 200 men.  If you visit the sight today, even on a
hot day, you will get chills

Victoria - Victoria County Courthouse - Many construction workers claimed to have
seen moving flashes of light out of the corner of their eye.  Some of the same
construction workers and many courthouse employees have claimed to see "floating
balls of light"-orbs and an apparition that appears periodically on the second floor in
the SE corner of the building.

Waco- Baylor University - Some of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's original works are
kept in the old Library on campus. She has been seen walking the halls at night
holding a candle, wearing a white gown. I have personally seen her in the top floor
window peering outside at us. Also, a statue of her sits out in front of the library. Her
arms are at her sides, however, that night the shadow that was cast on to the library
behind her showed her arms held up high above her head.

Waxahachie - The Catfish Plantation - supposed to be haunted by three ghosts.  
Waitresses and customers are always reporting strange things that happen--rude
patrons having plates dumped on them, cold spots in the bathroom.  Pictures have
been taken that show a slender young woman in outline form.  One is a farmer, one is
an old woman who lived there,  and one is a young girl who was murdered on her
wedding day in the house.  Supposedly a burglar attempted to burglarize the safe one
night and seemed to leave in a hurry. This Restaurant is haunted by past residents
named Eliza Richards, who died at age 77 in 1925, and her son Jesse Thomas
Richards, who died at age 68 in 1937.  Eliza is the "Elizabeth" Her spirit appears as her
younger self, a girl of about 19, the age she was at her first marriage, a happier time
for her. It is how she projects herself now, from memory.  The  "old farmer, Will" is her
son J.T. Richards, who was the local meat cutter and grocer from the early 1900s until
his death in 1937.  The third ghost, Carrie, has been correctly identified.  Caroline
Jenkins Mooney lived in the house from the 1950s until her death in 1970.

Waxahachie - Site of the last confederate hanging by union army, Private John
Hemerich, is seen by some to be standing by the side of the road on Becky Rd.

Wichita Falls - White Sanitarium - It is said that if you go in there that you will see
ghosts playing cards.

Wichita Falls - North Texas State Hospital "M" Building - At night doors opening
and closing and footsteps in the hallways. An apportion of a "nurse in a white dress
with the old nurses cap on" checking on the patients, Security guards have reported a
hand on their shoulder but when they turned to look, no one was there. Cold spots
where also noted.